Friday, May 29, 2009

On and on...

Distribution potential continues to move forward...and sideways...and backwards...and kind of wibbly-wobbly off to the diagonal directions. I'm working a few angles, getting some anonymous advice from industry contacts, and trying to examine this from all directions before I decide what to do. While S&S is definitely an "old school feel" game, and I'm proud to be part of the Old School Movement, I don't want to pigeonhole the game--I'd like to reach as wide an audience as possible while still catering to the old school fans.

On that front, I've worked out the final revision for S&S, and am thinking my sales model is going to change.

I am going to leave the original pocket edition and "old school" pamphlets of S&S and the pocket edition of MM up for sale. The 9x6 versions will come down. This version will be re-dubbed "Spellcraft & Swordplay Basic," and will likely remain available only through the web.

The version that is going to see print in stores is expanded with all of the Elite Paths from MM except for Bard, the expanded unarmed combat rules, the disease rules, and the naval combat rules from MM. This version will be dubbed "Spellcraft & Swordplay Deluxe," and will be followed by an abridged (and likely less expensive) Monstrous Mayhem which includes the rest of the stuff I didn't transplant.

Deluxe will (hopefully, if all goes according to plan) see print in stores, though I haven't decided on the size format. Likely 9x6 or 8.5x5.5 (I will probably do both on the Lulu site for the time being).

Eventually, of course, my intent is to do print runs of these games--Basic and Deluxe--and handle direct sales myself.

Again, still working out all the details, though.

More as things progress.


  1. I look forward to seeing a 'final' version but after having bought every version you've brought out so far I hope this will be the final version of the core book.

    And, for what it's worth, I'm not a fan of calling this final version 'deluxe' and would rather it were just called Spellcraft & Swordplay...thereby making it clear that this is the core book...and any other versions are additional or simplified versions.

  2. Sorry...I'm a huge fan and, therefore, don't mean to sound negative.

  3. Fear not, it will only say "Spellcraft & Swordplay" on the cover. The title page refers to it as "Revised and Expanded." I just meant in my parlance that's how I'll refer to it.

    I had considered "Advanced Spellcraft & Swordplay," but that would be a bit much--especially since it's not really advanced, just expanded.

  4. Also: if you already own both S&S AND Monstrous Mayhem, there is NO REASON you need to buy the deluxe S&S. None. At all. Really. I swear. Not that I don't appreciate the sales, but I don't want people to feel they've been ripped off.

  5. I'm a fan of the Old School edition myself, and wish we could see those in the stores.


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