Saturday, May 23, 2009

Time it keeps a-turnin'

So I doubt this post will be as long as the first, as it's only been a day and there's not much new to report. The responses to the boxed sets have been truly astounding. I've been flooded with e-mails regarding the possibility of having any left over. These I must (to be fair) address first-come, first-serve, so at this point I think I'm definitely sold out.

That being said, if interest continues to be expressed, I'll certainly continue looking into options for a larger run. Printing and boxes are the big hurdles--if I can find a way to pull it off while still keeping costs manageable, it may very well happen.

The Space Opera game. Okay, since people seem very interested here's what I can tell you so far...but before I do, PLEASE do not take this as an announcement of impending release. This project is FAR from complete and to be considered in "development Hell" until further notice--it's NOT by ANY MEANS something people should stash away cash for now, or expect to see in the next 2 or even 3 months. Too many publishers get too excited about upcoming projects and "announce" them before they're ready to go, and then when the projects don't materialize, people (rightly) get pissed. I don't want to be one of those guys. So right now take this as ideas I am developing and nothing more.

The working title for the game is Twelve Parsecs. It's every bit as much of a settingless toolkit as Spellcraft & Swordplay and the two will be entirely compatible, though TP won't be released under the Open Game License, so you'll need to do a bit of back-engineering work to use them together (figuring out what terms are analagous to what terms, mostly, and I'm keeping that as intuitive as possible).

The game is specifically space opera/science fantasy. Do NOT expect to see hard science, real-world physics, or radiation rules broken down by RADs. This is a game where starships explode spectacularly in outer space. For those Asimov fans out there, my apologies but I can't write what I don't enjoy, and I enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica, not hard sci-fi.

It will include some enhancements and advancements to the system--exploding (and imploding) dice for critical successes and failures (called Supernovas and Black Holes, respectively) are an example of one such enhancement.

I do intend to include rules for vehicle combat, as well as modern (and futuristic) weapons (obviously).

I hope to include rules for cybernetics, but we will see if that'll make the core.

There will be psionics and mystical powers rules, which function similarly to the magic rules from S&S.

Alien races are covered with four examples, and quick guidelines on whipping up new ones for your game.

Will there be a bestiary? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe a rogue's gallery would suffice better--some standard stats for space marines, evil armored troopers, smugglers, etc.

Where it stands now: I have character creation mostly done--one class and two elite paths need completed, as well as the list of psionic powers, backgrounds, and one other new customization option I'm dropping in. The rules of the game will mostly be transplanted from S&S, so if you know S&S, you'll pick TP right up. I'll need to finish transplanting those, and revising them for sci-fi rather than sword & sorcery, then do up the expanded rules needed for a futuristic game (guns and high tech armor, among other things).

So that's where we stand on Twelve Parsecs™ at this point. I'll post updates as I progress, though within the next month or so I'm starting work in ernest on a major freelance gig for another company that will likely consume a great deal of my time. Can't say anything about that one (NDA's and all) but suffice it to say it was an honor to be approached for the project and to me it's worth putting Elf Lair on hold very briefly for this one chance to do something really huge (to me).

Again, thanks for following along, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support. With your help and encouragement, before you know it you'll be seeing our logo on game store shelves (and dare we hope major chain stores, too?) within the year.

Sally forth and battle on!

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  1. I promise not to get excited about Tweleve Parsecs.

    But, DAMN, I'm excited!!!


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