Universal's Dark Universe...Done Right

 It's no secret that Universal Studios made critical errors with their efforts to do a "Dark Universe" with their stable of classic monsters, a la the Monsterverse, MCU, or DCEU. They have screwed the pooch by going too big too soon, by trying to blow up their monsters and find some sort of bizarre, "fresh," "new" approach to these monsters, and in the process, losing everything that made them beloved in the first place.  Now, to be fair, beginning with Dracula Untold was not a horrible idea. It's not a bad "origin story" for Dracula as a vampire, but here's the problem with that: we don't need an origin story for Dracula. He was Vlad the Impaler. He did horrible things in defense of his country. For whatever reason, be it his sins or a deal with dark powers, he became a vampire after death. It didn't need to be shown on screen and showing it wasn't clever. It was pointless.  Tom Cruise's Mummy ...what can we say abou

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