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I have a little project going on, and it would be nice to make a formal introduction to the NIGHT SHIFT: VETERANS OF THE SUPERNATURAL WARS Role-Playing Game .  What is NIGHT SHIFT: VSW? NIGHT SHIFT: VSW is a modern urban fantasy role-playing game with horror roots but with multi-genre elements as well. It is designed to be played the way you want, from light and fast to gritty and complex. It also features of examples of play thanks to our various Night Worlds. So you can be a student in Chicago's only school for Magical Youths and partake in various magic-fueled hijinks, all the way to a post-apocalyptic Earth where the forces of Good and Evil battle it out in the skies above and the streets below. Or to play a supernatural creature that just wants to live and get by in a world full of humans trying to hunt them down. Play it silly, straight, dangerous or just fun, NIGHT SHIFT: VSW can do it. Wait. What is a Role-Playing Game? Role-playing games have a LONG history. But the

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