Night Shift: VSW Adventure Hooks

 This might be a short post, but I thought I'd just throw out a few adventure hook ideas for your NSVSW games. Enjoy, take them for what they are, flesh out and change as you like. Hopefully these can provide some inspiration when you've got a game to run and just can't come up with anything to go with.  The adventures will be presented in a few sections: Hook, Mystery, Revelation, Climax, and Twist. At the end I'll include some suggested Night Worlds from those in our books, but really, these should be generic enough to work in just about any setting you like.  I wish I was clever enough to come up with names for the sections that would work out to a cool acronym (like O.G.R.E.S.) but I've been in a creative wasteland lately. It's just been awhile and I owe you guys some playable and interesting content, so hopefully this can fill the gap.  Artwork by Bradley McDevitt Frame Job in Fae Town Hook: A supernatural NPC that the player characters know (and who should

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