Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monstrous Mayhem Deluxe Release

As promised, we have released the Deluxe edition of Monstrous Mayhem. This version contains only the material that did not make it into S&S Deluxe (which is still a pretty hefty page count!) In addition, we have added "Thug Rules" (also popularly known as "mook rules") to the mix in the Appendix.

Because the Thug Rules were not available in the original MM and I am loathe to make people buy the same product twice to get all the rules, we have made the Thug Rules available as a free download (which also includes collected errata for the first and second printings of S&S).

Now the bad news.

I was able to discount the softcover and e-book versions of this slightly (though not as much as I'd hoped), but not the hardcover edition, which is already priced so low we could never hope to have it in stores (seriously, we make *very* little off of the hardcover versions of these books). This is the down side of dealing with Lulu and their high "production costs."

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the "deluxe" MM, and get some use of the free thug rules.

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