Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Apotheosis: The Dreaming Age

A Roleplaying Game of Swords and Sorcery

Millions of years ago, the world was ruled by demons from the Deeper Dark. Then came fire from the sky and disasters that changed the stars. The Ancient Ones are gone. Now is the age of humankind, and these first heroes will one day be remembered as gods...if they survive that long. Fans of Howard, de Camp, and Carter should love it!

Such is how Apotheosis is advertised in our product list. I've received a number of questions about this recently so I thought I'd let you all know I have begun putting my notes together for Apotheosis. It may be renamed to either The Dreaming Age or The Wasted Lands, as I understand there is already a game out there called "Apotheosis."

There is no release date for this as yet.

Let me re-iterate that: There is no release date for this, yet.

It's going to be awhile. I've only just started cobbling it all together. If you want to know what it will look like, however, take my Age of Conan stuff, mix it with my Wasted Lands stuff, remove demihuman races, change the gods to high-powered NPC warriors, thieves, assassins, sorcerers, and emperors, shake well, and season to taste.

My plan at this point is to include brief writeups on the world in the core book, then eventually release full world books for each area, which will be largely system free so that they can be used with any system you like....to a point. Each will likely, for example, include monsters with S&S-specific writeups and generic notes about their power levels for use when converting to other fantasy systems. I'll have to kick it around a bit first and see.

I also need about $5,000, give or take, to get it done properly, and who knows if or when that will happen.

But there you have it. The Apotheosis of Elf Lair Games has begun ;)

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