Monday, March 8, 2010

Spellcraft & Swordplay Old School Omnibus Editions

A few people may note that there appear to be "new" versions of S&S available through our store and the Old-School Renaissance store. I wanted to clarify that this is not the case.

What I have done is "re-skin" the pocket editions as the Old School Omnibus Edition of S&S and the Old School Edition of Monstrous Mayhem.

Why do this? A number of people were adamant that we leave the digest-sized "revised versions" of S&S available when we came out with the Deluxe Edition. I did so, but it's caused some confusion as to the differences between the two versions. This way I have re-skinned the books with different covers, and clarified that the digest-sized S&S is nothing more than the Old-School Edition in one book, and the digest-sized Monstrous Mayhem updates the Old School Edition of S&S to the Deluxe Edition, plus adds some extras.

I think it's a bit clearer as to the differences this way, but I also don't want to mislead our customers into thinking there's a new revision out to buy. The ONLY DIFFERENCE between the Revised and Old School Omnibus editions is the cover.

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