Thursday, July 11, 2013

Seriously Considering Kickstarter

Question for all of our fans and followers out there. As many of you are aware, ELG is in a bit of a holding pattern right now due to the lack of funds to "do it right," as it were.

If I were to do a Kickstarter to fund a second edition of S&S which would commission professional artwork, clean up the rules and formatting, and basically take Elf Lair to the next level as a professional company, would you support the effort? I'd be interested in feedback on what kinds of level rewards you'd like to see, what YOU want out of the company, and how much you'd be willing to commit.

So you're aware of where I can go with this, aside from doing Spellcraft & Swordplay properly, I have a science fiction game entitled Twelve Parsecs in the wings, as well as an urban fantasy game which is still in the conceptual stages. Both of these latter games would use an updated and revised version of the O.R.C.S. system, which would likely also make its way into the second edition of S&S.  Finally, you'd get to see the long-awaited third S&S book, Eldritch Witchery, as well as support in the form of adventure modules and campaign books.

Put simply, I want to do ELG proper and I think that the O.R.C.S. system has legs, but don't have the funds. So I'm curious if people would fund a Kickstarter to help launch it.



  1. I run an S&S game every week and pretty much have done for the last four years. That probably makes me S&S's number one fan. However I would not fund a Kickstarter as outlined above. It's too speculative, S&S has too many flaws, and too many such Kickstarters (i.e. help me find the development of my cool game) of late have just disappeared along with the backers' money.

    It would need to be a Kevin Crawford / Sine Nomine type Kickstarter. That is, there would need to be a complete draft and the Kickstarter was to pay for artwork and publishing costs. Too many Kickstarters that were to fund the author while he/she writes the game have failed for me to consider otherwise.

    Sorry if that comes across as harsh, but the bottom line is:

    Finished draft available to see, Kickstarter is to fund artwork and publishing costs. YES!

    Kickstarter is to fund the author while he writes the game. NO!

  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear: the game is done. The kickstarter would, in fact, fund editing, layout, art, printing and distribution costs of the Spellcraft & Swordplay second edition core rulebook.

    The other games and sourcebooks I mentioned would be published via a combination of profits from the core book, and if necessary their own kickstarters AFTER the games are written.

    This is not me asking you to pay me to write something.

  3. You definitely need to reword your blurb then, as the impression given is the latter (pay me to write the 2nd edition) rather than the former (I've written a 2nd edition and need funds to publish it).

    In that case, the answer would be it depends whether I like the look of the draft or not. :-)


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