Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Amazonian Developments, Batman!

I got an e-mail this morning that Spellcraft & Swordplay has been selected to appear on Amazon's Marketplace! Apparently a ton of us in the old-school game have gotten similar e-mails (perhaps even every RPG publisher on Lulu), but wow! That's pretty cool.

The prices are higher on Amazon--to cover costs, Lulu imposed a 30% markup. But still, that's pretty rocking, to see my company represented on

Developments continue on the mysterious "soon into distribution" opportunity. I hope to be able to have a concrete announcement soon, but I will say if this happens the version of Spellcraft & Swordplay you'll see in stores will be the long-promised "Final Version."

Nothing will be changed to invalidate the versions you already have--I will likely incorporate some things from Monstrous Mayhem, as it's questionable whether the distributor will carry the sourcebook. Thus, a few of the Elite Paths (probably just Necromancer and Druid, though I'm waffling on replacing the Paladin with the Ranger, as the latter fits the mood of S&S better), the mass combat rules, unarmed combat, and some of the monsters will likely go into the core book. I'm not 100% on what will and won't go in, yet. I may then do an "abridged edition" version of Monstrous Mayhem (which would cost less) which just includes whatever didn't make it into the final core book.

The Lulu storefront will change dramatically--if I can even still sell through Lulu. It might go away entirely in favor of direct web sales. In any case, I think this will be the best way to go, given that I'm going to have to re-examine my pricing structure, and won't be able to make revisions and changes as we go anymore. I'll need to make sure S&S is in a truly polished, final version.

The Old School Renaissance in general is poised to make a huge leap forward, folks. Look out world; here we come!

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