Wasted Lands - FINAL 24 HOURS


Good morning, faithful Elf Lair Supporters!

We are entering our final 24 Hours. It's crunch time! As always, stick with us - you have nothing to lose by letting your pledge ride, but a fantastic new game to gain when we fund at the end of this thing. If you're already in, please put the word out and get others in! We need a street team to make this happen; it's CROWD funding, after all! Get your gaming groups in. Get your friends in. Hit all your social media channels. If you haven't backed yet, this is a final call for it. We need your help! You're in on our newsletter because you're a fan of Elf Lair Games. Help us to keep producing the quality games you love. 

Cheers to all our backers! Art by Bradley K. McDevitt

Why Back Wasted Lands?

Our first Powered by O.G.R.E.S. game, Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars, is a celebrated take on modern urban fantasy and horror, which is rated 4.7 stars on DriveThruRPG (and sat at 5 stars for over a year). Wasted Lands: The Dreaming Age is the next in a trilogy of games which will eventually allow us to cover past, present, and future gaming with the O.G.R.E.S. rules. 

This game is an exciting alternative to other traditional fantasy games for those looking to try something different, or which can enhance other fantasy games with new ideas and new approaches. It demystifies old school rules, and offers a means to customize everything from the level of grit in your game right down to the core mechanics you choose to use at the table. 

In the end, I believe in this game. It has the potential to be something special, both in the Elf Lair Games line, and at home gaming tables. I've put my heart and soul into this one and I really want you all to get to play it. You don't have to take my word for it, though: Download the Free Quick Start Kit and see for yourself!

Support Small Publishers

Also remember that in the face of big companies doing hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars in Kickstarters, we are by far the little guy... but when you support a SMALL publisher like us, your pledge really matters. It's really making a difference. You are actually MAKING THIS HAPPEN. You're a PART of Wasted Lands. And we appreciate it in a way the big boys don't. When you stick with us, you're making a difference, helping someone use Kickstarter for its intent, and we appreciate each and every one of you. 

That's about all I've got for you. One last push for backing. If you have supported us in the past, support us now and into the future. Every dollar you spend on Elf Lair games is important. When you're looking at a choice between us and one of the big boys, think of this: the big boys? They never needed a Kickstarter to begin with - it's all pomp and circumstance. Their product is coming out regardless, and you're just more profit to them. Put your money where it's appreciated. 

More Information about Wasted Lands

WWe have been publishing a series of articles looking behind the curtain on Wasted Lands: The Dreaming Age. Here are some relevant highlights. 

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