Witches: Tascela (Red Nails)

Tascela, Princess of the Tecuhltli (City of Xuchotil)
From "Red Nails"

"She was tall and lithe, by far the most beautiful woman in the room. She was clad more scantily even than the others; for instead of a skirt she wore merely a broad strip of gilt-worked purple cloth fastened to the middle of her girdle which fell below her knees. Another strip at the back of her girdle completed that part of her costume, which she wore with a cynical indifference. Her breast-plates and the circlet about her temples were adorned with gems. In her eyes alone of all the dark-skinned people there lurked no brooding gleam of madness."
- Red Nails, Robert E. Howard

Tascela is an immortal witch from Robert E. Howard's "Red Nails", his last Conan story.
She is so old she does not remember her youth though she knows she learned her magic from a Stygian priest.  For this reason I choose to make her a Witch and give her the Demonic Tradition.  Her familiar has died out and she has not expanded on her spells.  She is also very, very strong and not a stranger to combat.

Here she is as an Eldritch Witchery witch.

Tascela, 1st level Warrior/7th Level Witch (Demonic Tradition)

Strength: 15 (19 with spell)
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 16 (20 with spell)
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 19
Charisma: 15

Attacks: 5 + 3
Hit Points: 50
Alignment: Evil
AC: 9

Occult Power:  Curse

First: Bewitch I, Charm Person, Sleep
Second: Agony, Augury, Guard Watch,
Third: Lesser Strengthening Rite*, Toad Mind
Fourth: Steal Youth*

For her Lesser Strengthening Rite and Steal Youth spells she needs the life force of a young beautiful woman. Because she getting her power from such a pure source the number of years she steals is greater and her strength and constitution are greater than normal.