Amazing Adventures Support Materials!

I'm happy to announce that I came to an agreement with Troll Lord Games to produce support materials for Amazing Adventures. These will consist of a second adventure module entitled "Temple of the Red God," followed by regular brief e-book offerings. Our first module, Day of the Worm, has garnered several five-star reviews at DriveThruRPG

If we build enough of a sales base, e-books could be followed by print materials. Which means, if you want to support me and Amazing Adventures, buy the materials, but don't stop there--get OTHERS to buy them as well! Talk about the game and get others to talk about the game! Let's make this thing a success!

Some of the support materials I have in mind:
  • A supplement covering the aircraft of World War II, as well as one covering the armored vehicles of World War II. These could include expanded vehicle combat rules, but I haven't decided if that's needed yet.
  • More weapons! Pulp scenarios cover many eras, and I want to do a supplement that will provide guns from the matchlocks of the 1600's all the way through the Taurus Judge of the modern day, separated by era. Full stats plus descriptions. 
  • A "thinking outside the box" supplement on altering Arcanists to make them more "horror" oriented--that is, incorporating such things as corruption and madness into the use of magic. Will provide a lot of new, dark spells. 
  • A supplement discussing "thinking outside the box" with Gadgeteers--how to use the Gadgeteer to mimic street-level (or even higher) superpowered characters, and guidelines for the creation and modification gadgets beyond just choosing spell effects as-is. Spell effects will still remain the focus, but I'll discuss making alterations to existing effects to personalize and build more effective and flavorful gadgets. Will include sample gadgets. 
  •  "Thinking outside the box" for Gumshoes--how to use the Gumshoe to create such things as ace reporters instead of Private Dicks.
  • "Thinking outside the box" for Socialites. Have you ever wondered what Marion is, in the Indiana Jones movies? She's a socialite! This article will break down how to handle this type of character and others. 
  • I want to do "thinking outside the box" supplements for each character class. I'm jotting down notes as I go. 
  • New Generic Class Abilities
  • Mini-adventures. These 5,000-word scenarios will be good for a single evening's play, or can be expanded to be something much greater. Though not as detailed as your typical 12K-20K module, these will nevertheless be complete and playable with little to no prep work on the part of the GM. Most will likely be location- or object-based. 
  • Articles on styles of play, each with a new character class, tweak on an existing class, generic class abilities, or other fun toys. For example, what if you want to run a game in the 1600's about a swashbuckling Puritan adventurer out to battle evil wherever it shows its ugly face, or one where the PCs are members of the King's Musketeers? What about adding Steampunk trappings to your Pulp? I'll provide tips, advice, and necessary rules for doing so. 
These are just a few of the ideas I've got.  The Trolls are asking for a pretty rigorous publication schedule, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up, and the support materials will roll out as fast as you can keep up with 'em!

Why post this here? Because some day it's possible that the rights to AA may revert back to me, at which time they'd all become the property of Elf Lair Games. That day is in the distant future, but it will behoove our fans to pay attention to what goes on with this line!


  1. Congratulations, I look forward to seeing the future products. I picked up Day of the Worm as soon as it was released and enjoyed reading it, if only I could get my group away from Pathfinder to run it. I'll definetly be picking up the new products.


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