Eldritch Witchery Dead Tree, and the Future of ELG!

Eldritch Witchery, the long-awaited second sourcebook for Spellcraft & Swordplay, is now available in print format over at Drivethrurpg. It's been selling like crazy, which is really gratifying. It is a grand sourcebook, too--the page count is higher than that of the core rulebook, and the author, the esteemed Timothy Brannan, has really outdone himself.

In fact, the book is selling well enough that it's given Tim and I, and our new editor Derek, cause to re-evaluate S&S as a viable property. So keep your eyes open, folks--there's now definitely more on the horizon, from sourcebooks to adventure modules, and we have plans for more Basic Edition stuff too, perhaps even some dual-statted books. And maybe, just maybe, a unique campaign setting from a familiar name in the RPG Industry. I don't want to give out too much information at this time; as you all know we try to avoid being one of those publishers who promises and doesn't deliver, and nothing is set in stone at this point. But suffice it to say, you all have proven that there's life in this old game yet.

Best of all, as with our other books, if you buy the print version, you get the PDF for free!

Swing by and check it out, and don't forget to go to http://www.elflair.com/ and check out our other gaming products!

And, as always, thanks for your support. It means the world.