Low-res concept for SHAMA issue 1 cover

Just keeping everyone in the loop. Working on getting a video together for the Kickstarter while awaiting the paperwork for the LLC and freelancer contracts from my attorney. Hopefully within a few weeks I'll be ready to launch the Kickstarter and get Shadows & Masks out the door!

Meanwhile I'm plugging away at several freelance projects plus some staff work for Troll Lord Games. These include a Fifth Edition Book of Familiars and Companions that is currently in Kickstarter itself. I'm also working on getting those miniatures battle rules for the O.R.C.S. system complete so I can get those playtested and released.

I plan to get a few adventure modules for Spellcraft & Swordplay contracted, written, edited and out the door as well. There are irons in the fire, but we've announced a few things that never came to pass, so I'm going to play it all close to the vest for the time being till we have things about ready to release.

For fans of Spellcraft & Swordplay, we're not going to let it rot--my eventual goal is to do a full second edition of the game, cleaned up and updated for things we've learned over the past six years of play.

That's about it for now. Remember to follow us over on Facebook for more information; I'll have a Twitter account for Elf Lair up soon as well!