Monday, July 12, 2021

Shipping to the United Kingdom and European Union

Unfortunately, at this time due to the way the UK and EU has decided to handle their current VAT rules, we are unable to ship to these regions until we can find a workaround. It's unfortunate, and we're truly sorry about this as we greatly value our fans in Europe, but as a small business it's untenable for Elf Lair to comply with current VAT rules.

Please see "Risks and Challenges," below, for more information. 

It's also worth noting that our print products are currently available through Studio 2 Publishing, and they are capable of shipping overseas to just about any destination. The Night Companion will also be available through them after the Kickstarter fulfills. 

An alternate solution may exist for our EU and UK customers: a package forwarding service that gives you a U.S. address and allows you to manage shipping to you from there (often at discounted rates). There are many out there, but some options that seem viable at a glance are:   



Anytime Mailbox: 





US Address: 

If you're not sure about these services, here's a link to a breakdown of what they are, how they work, and how safe and reliable they generally are. Here is a post from the Huffington Post outlining some of their favorite sources. Please note that I am neither affiliated with nor endorsing any of these services. I'm just presenting options. It's left to potential backers and customers to investigate and use these services at your own risk. I can say that I had a few backers from overseas use them on our core book Kickstarter and they seemed to work well. For now we are recommending this approach to our overseas backers. 

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