Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Status report

Well, folks, here's the deal.

I have too much on my plate at the moment. This means that something has to give, and right now, the only thing I've got to Elf Lair.

We are not done. Just on indefinite hiatus. I intend to get up and running again just as soon as I figure out how to deal with the stresses of everything I have going on. Unfortunately that means that until the end of the year at least, Elf Lair is closed down.

Fortunately I haven't yet officially set us up as an LLC.

It's cool if you want to keep checking here for updates, as I'll post them as I have them, but hopefully we'll be very visible when it's time to come back. I want to put some money away to do this thing right when it's ready to take off, and hit everyone with a marketing blitz when we're ready to go.

I realize this is a disappointment to our fans, but all I can say is, nothing can prepare you for what hits you when you enter grad school. Between that and my day job, my time is utterly monopolized. I'm told that after you're in for a semester things calm down a great deal. We shall see.

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